Gamified Learning - The Next Revolution In Learning

Praveen Tyagi, Managing Director, PACE - IIT and Medical

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It’s that era when most parents wonder why their child cannot sit for hours with books in his/ her hands; but can spend hours on mobiles, tablets and desktops. The explanation is quite simple here: it’s a tech-savvy generation and they like to do things on clicks, hence forth, the need of the hour is Gamified Learning. Undoubtedly, Gamified Learning is motivational, challenging, rewarding and adds fun to learning process beating the conventional idea of classroom learning. While the students have to cover the same curriculum, why is it that they are inclined towards the idea of Gamified Learning? Traditional classrooms do not permit ownership of learning; there are fixed hours to attend classes; students are examined not assessed & evaluated. Keeping in mind the aforementioned points, let’s try to understand the psychology behind Gamified Learning:

• Students are instilled with a sense of achievement when they get rewards for something unexpected; that isn’t even obligatory to do or perform.
• Students get more engaged if they tend to understand the objective of learning or doing a task.
• No matter whether small or big, students love to share their achievement in the community and get recognition for it. Striking off the classroom learning limitations, Gamified Learning equips the students with following features:
• Learn anytime anywhere
• Personalization- set your own goals
• Flexible delivery- no fixed hours
• Healthy peer group and mentors
• Student ownership
• Performance evaluation & assessment, not examination

How Did Gamifi ed Learning Concept Evolve?
Gamified Learning isn’t an alien concept. Few years ago, the gamification of learning burst capturing the attention of learners and every stakeholder in education industry. Raking into the axiomatic crystal ball, educators started weighing in on where ascends of Gamified Learning betted to be the certain future. Over the years, the Gamification has been changed from just earning points to visual content, feedback, performance analysis, freedom to fail and retry. As an educator, the expansion of Gamification is foreseen in following key segments:

• Introducing More User-Friendly Interfaces

Cashing upon the opportunity, many educators have introduced Gamified Learning platforms. However, not all platforms are user-friendly. Hence, it’s essential to develop more user-friendly platforms that can be beneficial for the students. With easy navigation and friendly interfaces, students will be able adapt to the concept more easily.

• Extended Focus on Performance

There are many content-based Gamified Learning platforms but lack in assessment and performance evaluation. With performance-oriented platforms, students will be able to improve their performances and outcomes will be accelerating.

• Bring in Innovation into Virtual and Augmented Reality

Gamified Learning has always been associated with engagement objective. However, with the uprising of Virtual & Augmented Reality, low cost and high quality, it is a fact that this technology could transform the way students are educated.

"With performance-oriented platforms, students will be able to improve their performances and outcomes will be accelerating"

How can Gamified Learning Prove Beneficial to the Students?

Students like to have sovereignty in the choices they make. They should feel like tasks are challenging but not so hard that they won’t be able to perform & succeed. It’s essential that students are given challenges at an early stage and are rewarded in the beginning for getting started but it should also be considered that there is not much hand holding. Factors illustrated below prove that Gamified Learning is beneficial:

• Sense of Community

As mentioned earlier, students want to get recognized for their achievements, so, Gamified Learning platform builds a community where students get a sense of belongingness. Students get their own identity among millions on leader board.

• Clear Learning Objectives

With Gamified Learning, students should be clear about their learning objectives. Before doing assignments, they should understand the value of their work; they should know its significance. Starting curriculum with learning objectives is an amazing way to engage students gain practical knowledge. This information should be conveyed directly to get their assessments done and track their overall progress.

• Freedom to Fail

The core principle in Gamified Learning is the freedom to fail. Students can experiment, take risks, attempt multiple try, fail miserably, practice and retry until they succeed.

• Multiple Means of Assessment

Creating multiple pathways of assessments ensures that failure in one area doesn’t limit the students’ overall success. For instance, if a student does poorly in one topic, he/she can make up for it by doing well in some other topics.


Most of the educators see Gamification of education as the way of future and a tool that allows students to be more active in learning as they tend to develop technological skills that are needed to be successful in all spheres of life. Beyond teaching, Gamified Learning offers useful information about what and how well a student is learning and provides helpful visual displays of that data. With Gamified Learning platforms, students, teachers and parents get instantaneous feedback-typically via score card and detailed performance analysis report, which can be further used to determine how well students understand what the digital tools are trying to teach them.